let's talk about: valentine's day cat

Surely I'm not the only one who finds great ideas on Pinterest only to realize there's no template for it and give up. Pinterest can be wonderful and it can also ruin everything by creating unrealistic expectations. There are tons of cutesy, crafty things for the holidays but I get how busy we are. Pinterest just isn't real life. I think about how fun it would be to get to do tons of fun craft things in speech therapy at the school. Then I remember how many kids are on caseload, how long each session lasts, and how long it will take to make everything. YEAH, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. However, this week was a fun exception and I think the kinders and first graders liked it! 

There are a ton of Valentine's Day crafts floating around the internet and this is not anything original. I did, however, make a template for the hearts with different sizes so if you want to make it, the hardest part is done. All that's left is tracing and cutting. Valentine's day is on Sunday and it could be a fun weekend project if you have kids or are babysitting. It's great for language and a fun way to talk about: animals (what is this, can you think of any others), sounds (what sound does it make, what sound does a cow make, etc), body parts (show me the eyes, where are YOUR eyes), colors, holidays, sequencing (first you do this, second etc) and all sorts of things. Just wanted to share in case anybody was interested. Happy early Valentine's Day!

The template can be found here

2016 reads (so far)

January is dwindling away (what!) and I'm still hopeful for snow in February. Really, I think we could all use a few snow days. I'm settling into a new normal and eagerly awaiting for my nights to be free from studying. Here's to hoping I pass the praxis and comprehensive exams the first time around (!!!) and can say that I'm finally done with grad school work. I feel both giddy and terrified. PRAY FOR ME.

Here are my January reads (thus far). I haven't read this many books in a month in a very, very long time. I'll go ahead and thank my extended Christmas break for that. I'm also still hopeful that I'll finish another before the month is over. One of my goals this year is to read more books we already have and donate the ones I impulsively bought for a quarter but will never actually read. I can't help it!!! I'm a sucker for cheap books. All the while, I'm still planning on hitting a book sale Saturday morning. Give and take, give and take. Want to be book friends? Follow me on goodreads !

one week down

After a glorious 5 week break, I am now struggling to get back into a routine that involves waking up before 8 am. On top of that, this is my last semester of grad school which means equal parts of excitement and terror. Although I'm officially done with classes, I have a full time clinic placement at an elementary school and comprehensive exams in a few weeks.

An elementary school is such a weird and fun place to be. So many tiny humans who make SO MUCH NOISE. There is no filter and little shame. It's refreshing. I lucked out with an incredible supervisor and I've already learned so much from her. Regardless, I'm still terrified to graduate and start a job. Somebody is going to let ME be the speech therapist and make decisions?! Crap. 

Cheers to the last semester of school forever. AMEN.