around the table + saying yes.

I crave community and yet I am so quick to come up with excuses. 

school is too busy and I have too much homework // our house won't have enough seating and don't even think about having people park and walk // we'll end up going over on our grocery budget for the month // the house is too messy altogether

Round and round the excuses swirled until the yes finally won out. It was simple really. Pancakes for breakfast and an open invite. No expectations, just hopes that people would say yes to an early morning and sharing a meal together.

Friday morning was one of my favorite mornings in a long, long time. People showed up and it was a little bit crazy but they squeezed into our kitchen and overflowed into the living room and I loved every minute of it. I loved seeing so many different groups of friends merging together and I loved being able to cook for them. People contributed to the meal and nobody complained when they had to wait for pancakes or the bacon ran out. It was beautiful and it was messy and it was exactly how the good parts of life go. 

These are not the perfectly styled photos of a meal too beautiful to eat. However, they are real and they are full of life and the decision to say yes. So here is to getting out of my comfort zone more frequently and learning to open our door a little wider.