Our lease at our current house ends at the end of this month and we have officially signed a lease on a new place. Although I have absolutely loved calling this place home, I'm eager to see what is next for us. I cried about leaving this house a few times but now I think I'm mostly excited. I will definitely miss this spot in the house though. Every wild animal I spot seems just as exciting as the first time. And each bird reminds me that I am known, I'm being taken care of, I'm worth something. 

This semester is over and I have officially survived my first year of grad school, hallelujah. This year has been the weirdest and hardest year thus far and I'm still trying to adjust. However, in the midst of transition and change and loneliness, this friendship has been the most unexpected gift and I am glad for it. 

Two weeks off in between spring semester ending and the start of summer session means I have been working on projects and reading to my heart's content. I NEVER WANT THESE TWO WEEKS TO END. I finally finished Traveling Mercies and The Silver Linings Playbook. Loved them book. AND THEN THIS BOOK. I requested it a few weeks ago from the library and finished it approximately 36 hours after checking it out. I know that's not that fast but I haven't devoured a book that quickly in a very, very long time. I want to read another book or two before school starts up again after Memorial Day. Any recommendations? I have a week and a half left to soak up summer vacation...bring it on.