relearning connectedness.

I would say these two pictures accurately portray what a lot of this summer has consisted of. 

Overall, the first ten weeks of summer were pretty much a blur. Taking 15 hours in two 5-week sessions was a doozie. Taking 15 hours plus keeping my part time job plus my therapy hours for clinic...head barely above water. Summer school is finally over and we're on the other side but it has come at a cost. I've overlooked chances to connect with my husband because I'm tired or have too much to do or I'm just being a selfish brat. Things around the house pile up and all I want to do is have some "me time". I've been doing stuff all day so I "deserve it". The most life giving of things are the last things I want and I find myself feeling like I'm stuck in this pit and don't know how to get out. This weekend was a tipping point in acknowledging so much that I have not fully given my attention and heart to. Through it, I'm glad for the hard conversations that lead to growth. I'm glad for second and third and fourth chances to listen better and love harder. I'm not the best at it and we are not the best at it. But we're figuring it out a little bit at a time.