no cake for breakfast

Last wednesday was my birthday and much coffee and cake were had. It was a fun day/night and I was so pumped to not be back in school yet. It's always hit or miss with my birthday and the academic calendar. Last year for my birthday I celebrated with an 8 am Motor Speech Disorders class. Needless to say, this year was much better. 

However, a few weeks ago I decided to do whole30 again, starting on January 14 (day after my birthday). AGAIN. Again, I have set myself up for torture and self loathing by giving up CHOCOLATE (among other things) for 30 days. So maybe I'm being a little dramatic but it's day 4 and there were so many good smells at the grocery store today. So I might not be eating leftover (somewhat gummy gluten free chocolate) birthday cake for breakfast but I am eating really good, whole food. 

The snack/sugar monster has been taking over and I need a reset. I want to treat this one precious body that I have been given with respect and not force gross stuff down for the sake of boredom. I want to eat intentionally and only when I'm hungry. I want to eat well and I know that I need really strict boundaries to get my act together. For us, eating this way is not a sustainable lifestyle. I love cheese too much to ever give it up for good. And with that, crackers and wine. Not sorry. But I want those things to be a treat and not a given. So, whole30 makes an appearance and I can't complain because I chose this for myself. Time to re-learn better habits and break the bad ones. Whole30 restructured a lot of how we eat now so I'm hoping this time will be a little easier - you can read about last time here. I like/am comfortable cooking a lot more vegetables now AND I like black coffee. Two major hurdles last time. Already I've had thoughts of quitting and eating what sounds good. And then I realize I need to do this for myself even more. My flesh is so weak and I need that discipline. It's only 30 days and I can do this and YOU can do this too. 

So here's to treating our bodies well and being more aware of what goes into them. Dear dairy, I'll see you soon enough.