one year, six months.

I wonder at what point in marriage each milestone stops being such a big deal. I don't know but I like any excuse to celebrate so really, I'm okay with it. Yesterday was a year and a half of marriage and dang, it felt like an accomplishment. 

Taylor came home during lunch to surprise me with flowers and I'm pretty sure I had heart eyes all day. The last six months have been the very best to us and I feel like I'm starting to get into the swing of how this whole marriage thing works. 

The first year was HARD. I mean, REALLY hard. It was great and fun and all of the happy things but the predominant descriptor that I would use would be challenging. Learning to budget and paying for grad school has been a very refining experience on both ends. That said, we are better for it and it has taught us about a lot more than just how we spend money each month. In the last six months especially, we've learned how to better communicate expectations, foresee the other's needs a little better, and resolve conflict more lovingly and efficiently. We've learned to relax more and are still learning to choose joy in the details. I'm still not there but I'm learning. 

All that to say, marriage is equal parts wonderful and wonderfully hard. It is fun surprise dates and also endless loads of laundry and constantly doing the dishes. I'm thankful for a husband who pursues well and knows the weirdest parts about me and still chooses me. Every single day! So happy year and a half babe - here's to a hundred more.