Every Body is Beautiful

Surely I'm not the only one who struggles with self confidence and body image. The moments where I feel insecure and start checking off the list of ways I don't fit in or look "good enough". Surely I'm not the only one who so quickly buys into the lies of, "if I just lose this" or "just do that". The just monster is a moron and a liar. 

And yet, this body is the only one I've got. It's the one that God knit together nearly 25 years ago, with such precision and design. This body is where the holy spirit resides and chooses to live in me. And yet, I'm so quick to want to trade this body, to turn it into something else.

I'm realizing that there's a difference between wanting to look a certain way and wanting to treat your body WELL. To honor it and be grateful for the places it takes you. To feed it good, whole, nourishing food. To respect it. 

So I'm slowly learning to practice gratitude for this one single body I get. To say thank you for carrying me and allowing me to do new and hard things. To walk and move and jump and dance. 

I did something scary. I signed up for a month to try pilates and barre classes. I'm two weeks in and I'm absolutely hooked. Each class I see a bit more about my createdness and the strength that I have. And in acknowledging the createdness, giving worship back to the creator. I'm learning to slow down and breath more and keep my focus centered. I'm forced to forget everything else that's happened in a day to concentrate on the single task of moving and breathing. I'm honoring my body in ways I haven't in a long time. And friends, it feels so, so good. I'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin because I appreciate it more. 

I know that fear and shame are so very loud. But they aren't the only voices. Let's shout truth and love over one another even louder. Every body is beautiful.