For the Love of Food (and other ramblings)

I get pretty geeky about food as it is but the release of Andrea Bremis' cookbook may have thrown me over the edge.  I have been looking forward to this release for MONTHS. Yes, literally months - ask my husband. 

I love her passion and the way she makes it so accessible. She creates the most beautiful and nourishing recipes and I'd be lying if I said I weren't a little obsessed. It's definitely been a source of inspiration to think outside the box and try new things. Her cookbook released today and it was so, so worth the wait. It's so beautiful and I can't wait to try some of the new recipes. 

The journey of loving good, whole food has been a somewhat winding one. In the last two years I've learned that I really, really love vegetables and eating things that have ingredients I can pronounce. I still google all the time (what is kohlrabi? how do you peel a rutabaga?) but it has been the most fun to learn about foods that seem completely foreign and yet are some of the most wholesome things I can be putting in my body. We definitely still eat some junk and I definitely still love ice cream. But we are learning to ask more questions and choose our food more thoughtfully. We purchased a CSA from a local farm and will get our first box in May. We'll be getting weekly produce along with eggs and flowers from a farm that is 2.3 miles away from our house (yes, I mapped it). Not only that, the farm donates half of their production to fight food insecurity in NWA. I'm convinced Fayetteville might be one of the coolest places in the world.

In the words of Michael Pollan, "Shake the hand that feeds you." I'm so ready.