Joshua Tree National Park

Perks of working at a school definitely include Spring Break. We cashed in some airline miles we'd been saving up and made our way to California. It was a total blast and such a good compromise for a trip. We spent half of our time at Joshua Tree and half of our time in Los Angeles getting to explore. It's funny because I really wanted time in a new city but ended up loving our time in Joshua Tree the best. 


Time in Joshua Tree was definitely not without its kinks. We weren't able to get to the park until after 5 that Monday only to find the "ALL CAMP SITES FULL" sign. Luckily there are several private campsites nearby and we were able to find a spot on the first go. We packed up the next morning and drove around several of the sites until we found the nicest Canadian family leaving and grabbed their spot at Jumbo Rocks. Spring Break at the parks is no joke and it was SUCH a great feeling to grab a spot actually IN the park since most of it is first come first serve. 


Joshua Tree is so beautiful in the strangest and most unique way. It was my first real time to go to the desert and it was INCREDIBLE. Also, the Cholla Cactus Garden is insanely beautiful. Essentially, scientists don't understand why they exist or how they've survived to have a relationship with nature in the desert. They don't "appear" to be valuable but they've become an integral part of the ecosystem. TAKE THAT, WORLD. Something doesn't have to be beautiful to have worth. It doesn't have to be perfect to have value. If that's not a beautiful lesson, I don't know what is 


10/10 would recommend. We had such a blast exploring new territory and appreciating scenery that was literally unlike anything else we'd ever seen before. Joshua Tree, I love ya!